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BBC satellite signal loss for Portugal expats

Many people in Portugal with access to Freesat television would have switched on their televisions this morning to find they have no signal for any of BBC's channels. This is the result of a switch over on Thursday morning to a new satellite. It is unclear if this loss will be permanent.

BBC satellite signal loss for Portugal expats



The loss is not unique to Portugal, and readers across the border in Spain have this morning confirmed the loss of all BBC channels in that country.


The BBC recently issued a statement that it will be migrating to a new satellite during the early hours of Thursday morning. 


The BBC’s services to Sky and Freesat homes are carried on six transponders on satellites operated by SES Astra located at 28.2°East.


In February 2012, one of these satellites (Astra 2D) was retired and BBC services moved to a new temporary home on Astra 1N. Astra 1N is shortly to be moved to its permanent position at 19°East, so the affected BBC services will be transferring to a new permanent home on Astra 2E (28.2°East).


This will take place in the early hours of Thursday 6th February 2014. Care has been taken to ensure the minimum of impact to UK viewers both during and after the change, such that no viewer actions should be required.


A small number of channels are unaffected by the change. These are on the multiplex “DSAT 8” which is carried on Astra 2F (also at 28.2°East). These are BBC ONE Scotland HD, BBC ONE Wales HD, BBC FOUR HD, BBC NEWS HD, CBeebies HD.


Generally the new transponder will improve reception in the South East of England, the north eastern coast of East Anglia, the North East of Scotland and the Shetland Isles.


ITV and Channel 4 have said nothing yet as to when the changeover for them might be, but it is expected to be soon.


SKY have migrated some channels, and so far  no reports of a loss in reception anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula has been reported.

Second bail-out for Portugal 'more than likely'


Back to the lenders come the new year...Portugal's President and PM already have admitted that a second bail-out will be needed next year, according to Luís Marques Mendes, a former PSD leader.

Mandes reckons that recent speeches from Cavaco Silva and Pedro Passos Coelho are preparing the country for a second bail-out.  Add these to Deputy Prime Minister Paulo Portas comments last Monday that there may be a planned ‘precautionary programme’ - which he said is not at all the same thing as a second bail-out - and the scene seems set for some sort of financial package, to be announced no doubt after the local elections later this month.

Luís Marques Mendes said today that Cavaco Silva has admitted the need for a second bailout for Portugal, "I think the president is increasingly convinced that the country will need a second bailout or at least runs the risk of having a second bailout."

Cavaco Silva’s recent failed attempt at national salvation to avert a political crisis could shield him from future responsibility if a second bail-out is indeed needed. By saying “I did everything in my power to avoid this. Therefore, the fault is not mine. I tried with the parties, they did not want to cooperate," the President will join a guilt-free prime minister.

Mendes said that when the Prime Minister says ‘Despite difficulties we have to stay the course, we have to be firm,"  that this is a hint that a second bailout will be needed but it will not be Passos Coelho’s fault, rather that of all the others who did not play their parts.

On Saturday, Passos Coelho did admit that it will be very difficult to return to the international debts markets with current debt interest rates at 7%.

Some comments from the American, Nouriel Roubini, nicknamed ‘Mr. Catastrophe’ before the financial crisis started in 2008, who said the worst of the recession is over but the recovery will be weaker than the optimists suggest.

Roubini said that the Portuguese government's negotiations with the Troika at the 8th and 9th evaluations will be tricky but thinks Portugal has "legitimate arguments" to insist on increasing the budget deficit target for 2014. The US pundit also admitted that a second bailout for Portugal is "more than likely" than a precautionary credit line and the government should not take away the possibility of a debt restructuring.

Roubini travelled to Lisbon from Frankfurt where the Germans are electing a leader. He said that whoever wins the election, and is most likely to be Angela Merkel, there will be no radical change in German politics and that for Portugal it will be business as usual.

Maderia’s unhinged leader Alberto João Jardim said today that a second bailout is inevitable if markets do not respond and interest rates for Portugal’s debt do not drop.


Traffic police in Portugal 'targeting' tourists

British motorists visiting
Portugal have been warned to expect little leniency
from the country’s
traffic police, with seemingly trivial offences attracting large fines.

Traffic police in Portugal 'targeting' tourists
The Foreign Office warns that
“fines for traffic offences are substantial in Portugal”

Earlier this year Portuguese media reported that the country’s National
Republican Guard (GNR), which enforces motoring laws, had been told to increase
their annual revenue from traffic fines, to help support the country’s ailing

Offences such as parking against the flow of traffic, and driving while
wearing flip-flops, have reportedly attracted fines in excess of €200 (£160),
while the GNR has been accused of targeting overseas tourists in order to meet
its targets.

One British resident of the Algarve, who asked to remain anonymous, was stopped
by police while driving last month.
Although her paperwork was in order,
she claims that authorities were only pulling over foreign-registered cars, and
says she saw an elderly British couple having their vehicle confiscated.

Another expat reported seeing
several UK-registered cars clamped
outside a supermarket in Albufeira,
despite no sign prohibiting parking. He claimed that tourists were seen as a
“soft target” as they tend to pay, and get on with their holiday, rather than
contest the fines.


Meanwhile, a shopkeeper in Guia claimed that foreign motorists in the town
had been targeted using a law that requires drivers carrying commercial loads to
possess a document of ownership. Drivers had been fined, he said, after visiting
a supermarket and then being unable to show police a receipt.

The Foreign Office warns that “fines for traffic offences are substantial in
Portugal”. It adds that police will carry portable ATMs in their vehicles to
facilitate immediate payment of on-the-spot fines.

A spokesman for the Automobile Club of Portugal said it was “struggling with
the government” over the issue, adding that it was “certainly not good for

Authorities in Portugal were criticised earlier this year following the
introduction a controversial road toll on the Algarve’s main motorway, the A22.




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