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Algarve Auto Assist in Lagos Algarve Portugal looking after customers since we arrived, we moved to the Algarve 4 years ago with over 20 years in the motor trade in the uk and decided to help people moving to Portugal or people already here wanting to change there vehicle, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding cars and can help you find the right vehicle with out the normal pitfalls of buying a used vehicle in another country.


Buying a car in portugal can be stressful if you are not sure how the system works with the paperwork ect never mind the unscrupulous people who will sell you a car knowing it has faults or even worse there is finance outstanding.


Why not take all the problems out of purchasing your car algarve auto assist in lagos portugal make sure all the cars are roadworthy and have no outstanding finance to make sure you have clear title to the vehicle including sorting out the vehicle transfer into your name(€65 euro fee applies and we need a copy of your passport, fiscal number and a portuguese address to be able to do this)


algarve auto assist can also help you get a competitive insurance quote and help with the road tax (IUC) if not already taxed also for a small fee when your vehicle is due for mot (IPO) in the future for a small charge we can pick up the vehicle take for test and return to you (local cars sold in Lagos and surrounding areas) further away we can advise on your local testing station and what you need to take with you ect.


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If you are buying a car from us we automatically check all our used vehicles to make sure there is no finance or other charges registered against the vehicles we sell, but before you consider buying a Portuguese car from someone else we are offering a service to check the vehicle for you.


There is no HPI or Equifax system in Portugal as such you have to physically go to the relevant government office with the registration number to have the vehicle checked and they provide a print out with owner information and any debts or problems registered to the vehicle or let you know if the vehicle is "clean".


In Portugal if someone does not pay their income tax or any other debt the authorities can put a charge against a car to stop the owner from selling the vehicle but many people pay for cars first and realise the problem when it is too late !! Especially if you manage to find a Portuguese car in UK bring it here only to find out the car belongs to someone else.


We offer a service to do this for you at a cost of €50 which is a small amount to pay for peace of mind or stop you buying a car with problems!


This service is only available during work days and is not possible on Portuguese holidays as mentioned earlier we have to go to the office to get the information for you.


If you Require this service please pay €50 by PayPal with registration number to we also need your email address so we can scan and send the information back to you. We will have the information within 24hrs.


Please note this service is for financial information only and is not a check for any accidents the vehicle may have had.


General info :



Also to be able to transfer a vehicle you need a signed transfer form (link)    a copy of registered keepers Id and a copy of Portuguese fiscal number and the same info for the buyer.


Or buy a car from us and all the paperwork and checks are done for you !


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